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Online Seminary

Why study with an online seminary?

Northwestern Theological Seminary is an online seminary built around providing men and women the ability to study with the freedom of not attending a traditional brick and mortar school, which would restrict the student to completing their degree programs limited to a specific time and place.

The online seminary opportunity allows the student to study at their own pace, when and where they can. Students are able to connect to their program from any internet connection, while traveling, vacationing, or even at any time of the day, with no defined time for attending and completing their programs.

You choose when it is convenient to study. You also choose where it is convenient as well. All that you will need is access to the internet from any computer to work on your courses. Your textbooks are in electronic PDF form, so no need to carry around books, other than your Bible and a notebook. Through a system of re-enforcements throughout your courses, no exams are necessary. Students are found to retain more of the information through the online seminary course format in place for each course.

You will find that you can obtain your degree from Northwestern Theological Seminary in a relatively short period of time. However, you will work and submit assignments. This is not a diploma mill. Our students increase in knowledge and are challenged in order to gain understanding of the various topics related to their online seminary degree programs.