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Undergraduate and Graduate Prerequisites

You can enroll in an online seminary degree program without proof of the required documentation, however such proof in the form of a degree, diploma, transcripts etc. must be provided prior to graduation and award of your degree from NTS.

  • If you are enrolling in a Bachelor's Degree or Combined Bachelor/Master Degree program, you must provide a copy of your high school diploma, or GED equivalency certificate, prior to graduation from NTS.

  • If you are enrolling in a Masters Degree or combined Master and Doctorate program, proof of your Bachelor degree must be provided prior to graduation from NTS.

  • If you are enrolling in a Doctoral program, proof of your Master Degree must be provided prior to graduation from NTS.

Academic Probation:
In some cases, online students will be admitted who have not yet met the prerequisites for admission and their required diplomas or degrees. To be allowed to enroll at NTS in such cases, the prospective student must be actively pursuing the acquisition of their required diploma or degree. The NTS degree will be issued upon completion of all requirements. No degree will be awarded to any student who has not fulfilled the required standards as required for their specific Degree Program.

When to Apply

Northwestern Theological Seminary is an open enrollment online school. This allows new students to begin their programs immediately without waiting for the beginning of a new semester. Since the degree programs are self-paced through independent study, you may begin at anytime during the 12 month calendar year. Not only are you free to study where you want through our online programs, but when you want.

Enrollment Non-Discriminatory Policy

Applicants for admission to Northwestern Theological Seminary are considered without regard to sex, age, color, national or ethnic origin, meeting the guidelines of the Civil Rights Act, Section 1984 and all other local and federal programs.

NTS will accept any and all individuals who desire to increase their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Word. Each prospective student will be assessed according to academic background and experience. An individualized program of study will be set up to meet any additional needs.

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Admission Information • Enrollment Application