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Northwestern supports your learning experience with a support
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About Northwestern

Thank you for your interest in Northwestern Theological Seminary.

Founded in 1980, by our Chancellor, Dr. Howard M. Sarkela, Northwestern Theological Seminary was first offered at the Detroit Christian Guidance Center located  at the Scripps Mansion, in Detroit, Michigan.

Northwestern Theological Seminary is an educational ministry arm of Christian Alliance Ministries, a parent of the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ, not to be confused with the latter day saints. This ministry has chartered churches around the world in an effort to unite the body of Christ back to principles of reaching the world for Christ through evangelism and Christian educational programs.

Today, Northwestern Theological Seminary has expanded its outreach through it leading Online Seminary Programs and the addition of Branch Seminaries located around the world. Through our Online Seminary Programs we have enrolled students in a global outreach in which a brick and mortar school would not have been possible. However, at the same time we have been able to establish brick and mortar branches literally around the world in places like Argentina, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Today we count with branches located in over 40 countries with thousands of students being prepared for the work of God in their callings. Our motto is simply, "Educating the World for Jesus Christ". This we are accomplishing by maintaining overhead costs down which in turn provides our students with the lowest possible costs for their programs, a savings that can equal up to 98% in comparison to the traditional school costs.

A traditional seminary, college, bible college or university is concerned with classes you have attended and credits you have earned. The traditional school assumes that you cannot learn without the archaic yet structured traditional method of education, which requires institutional training and physical class attendance. Although an online degree program might be an excellent choice for the self-disciplined young high school graduate, it is especially suited for the person who is already involved in a career, family and other aspects of adult life which results in a minimum of time being available for actually attending classes. Achieving your education through an online degree program allows you to be the controlling factor as to allotment of your time. You will not have a set schedule; therefore, you will be able to study and complete your course by doing course work at any hour of the day or night that you decide to study. It has been predicted that someday almost all education will take place in the home through online educational programs.

Keep in mind that Northwestern Theological Seminary is a theologically accredited Christian educational ministry that prepares student for ministry related vocations and not necessarily secular fields.