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President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo exchanges pleasantries with Bishop Howard Sarkela, Presiding Bishop of the Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide, Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ, Northwestern Theological Seminary, Northwestern Christian University during a courtesy call on her Monday (November 16) in the Music Room of Malacanang Place, Manila, Philippines. (PNA/NIB photo by D.Aguilar)V3/eda


PGMA receives honorary award from Christian bishops

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo today received an honorary doctorate degree in Humanities from the Northwestern Christian University based in the United States for her government’s exemplary policy in moral recovery.

The award letter was presented by the Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide, led by Northwestern Christian University Presiding Bishop Howard Sarkela, Bishop Teodoro Garvida, Bishop Seth Lagunda, and Secretary General Ma. Isabel Tobias at the Music Room of Malacaņang.

Sarkela lauded the President’s moral recovery program and values transformation policy in the Philippines.

“We came here to bless the President and to show appreciation for Executive Orders 713 and 714 concerning the improvement of moral values in the Philippines,” he said.

Both EOs were signed by the President last year. EO 713 was created to strengthen the authority of the Presidential Council on Values Formation towards the effective pursuit of a just and moral society in the country.

EO 714 was signed to enhance the government’s institutional mechanism for interfaith activities.

President Arroyo believes that interfaith initiatives are crucial to the promotion of peace, cooperation and amity within and outside the country, as well as the development of moral, spiritual and intellectual capacities for the upholding and enhancement of human dignity.

The visiting bishops each prayed for President Arroyo. Sarkela prayed in English and asked the Almighty to protect her. Garvida, who is from Mindoro, prayed in Tagalog, while Lagunda prayed in Cebuano.

“The main reason why we come here is to bless her,” Sarkela said. (PND)

From Official Philippine Government Website


The Ministry and Outreach of Northwestern Theological Seminary and the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ (WWCJ) in the Philippines

It is the mission of Northwestern Theological Seminary to go out into the world and make disciples for Jesus Christ. The most recent trip to the Philippines in June 2010 was met with great anticipation, as Bishop Dr. Samuel Galloza and Bishop Dr. Howard M. Sarkela, traveled from the island of Cebu to the island of Leyte to minister and teach the people in one of our local branches. The Bishops were joined by Bishop Dr. Seth Lagunda (Bishop to the Philippines for WWJC and Branch Director) who also ministered and interpreted during the teaching. Under the anointing of God we are seeing the expansion of the Gospel through great and mighty works and callings. One example can be found in a young youth of 13 years of age, John Mark, who is used by God in a mighty way to evangelize his people (John Mark can be seeing in the center photo above).

Photos Above (Left to Right): Photo 1: Bishop Dr. Sarkela, Bishop Dr. Lagunda (Bishop to the Philippines for WWJC), and Bishop Dr. Galloza / Photo 2: Bishop Dr. Galloza, John Mark, Bishop Dr. Sarkela / Photo 3: Bishop Dr. Galloza in the teaching with Bishop Dr. Lagunda interpreting






Islamabad Group 1 - 2009 Graduation Ceremony

Islamabad Graduating Class of 2009

Bishop Dr. Jefferson Tasleem Ghuari addresses the Islamabad Group 1 Graduating Class of 2009


Lalamusa 2009 Graduation Ceremony

Bishop Dr. Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri addresses the Lalamusa Graduating Class of 2009


Islamabad Group 2 - 2009 Graduation Ceremony

Bishop Dr. Jefferson Tasleem Ghuari addresses the Islamabad Group 2 Graduating Class of 2009




Northwestern Theological Seminary has been working in Pakistan since 2005 and every year they are graduating many Bible students in the different cities where branches have been established throughout the country. Bishop Dr Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri is Vice president of the Northwestern Seminary and the Director of Pakistan. Dr. Ghauri has begun many branch seminaries in different parts of the country educating Christians about the Bible. NTS Pakistan introduced two courses in the Bible; a Certificate of Theology in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies. These are photos of a graduation program held in the Church of Pakistan in Mandi Bahawaldin .

The pastor of the church,  Rev. Pastor.Haroon Ajmal provided a warm welcome to the guests . Rev. Pastor Ajmal is the leader and pastor Of Church of Pakistan Mandi Bahawaldin . Rev. Ajmal is shown presenting a Certificate of Theology in Biblical Studies to a graduated student of the Seminary.



Bishop Ghauri invited Rev. Shafique Alam in this program as a guest speaker. He conveyed the message of Lord to those in attendance. Rev. Alam motivated the graduates to reach the un-reached  and encouraged the movement of church growth.


A group photo of all the graduate students is shown with their degrees. NTS Pakistan needs your prayers for the increasing work with Pakistani Christians .


Bishop Dr. Jefferson Tasleem Ghauri is shown here presenting a degree to one of the students. Pray for the study of the Bible and growth in His mighty name. We are praying for our country and our peoples of Pakistan God save over country and the everything which is in this country.



Argentina Update 2010

The Argentina Northwestern Theological Seminary Branch Program is currently experiencing great growth under the leadership of Dr. Patricio Valenzuela. Dr. Valenzuela has been used by God to expand the branches throughout Argentina. The branches are located in the following cities:

-Comodoro Rivadavia
-El Bolson
-San Javier
-Carmen de Patagones
-Pto. Madryn

With soon to open branches in:

-San Antonio
-Las Grutas
-Bahia Blanca
-Bahia San Blass


Graduation Class of 2008

Neuquen, Argentina

September 2008 / Recognition ceremony being held in Neuquen, Argentina. The Branch Seminary Program in South America continues to expand, as Dr. Patricio Valenzuela has shown a great dedication to fulfilling God's purpose with Northwestern Theological Seminary in this part of the world.

Please continue to pray for Dr. Valenzuela and all of our worldwide directors who are working to impact the world by educating the world for Jesus Christ.



Neuquen, Argentina (South America)
April 27, 2008

On April 27, 2008 the new Northwestern Branch of Neuquen, Argentina began with a class of 30 new students who are preparing for their Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies, under the direction of Dr. Patricio Valenzuela, South America International Director of Northwestern Theological Seminary. Class meetings will be held once a week for 2-1/2 hours of Biblical study.

Neuquen is one of many other cities in Argentina where Northwestern Theological Seminary is currently operating branches.

Please pray for the work that Northwestern Theological Seminary is accomplishing through Dr. Valenzuela for the preparation of those in Argentina and throughout South America who will be studying the Word of God.








Director: Dr. Joshua E. Emmanuel







Director: Pastor Amos D. Gbenro