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Accelerated Academic Degree Program (AADP)

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The Structure of Our Degree Programs

Northwestern Theological Seminary provides (2) two options in their academic programs based on the student's qualifications.

The first option is our traditional degree programs. These traditional programs are developed so that the student can complete their degree programs in a relatively short period of time, while at the same time providing a well rounded course structure for those who have not had previous theological studies or are seeking a more conventional educational program.

If qualified, the second option is the Accelerated Academic Degree Program (AADP). This is discussed further in this page.

Introduction to AADP

The Northwestern Theological Seminary Accelerated Academic Degree Program is for those who have acquired a prior degree in a Christian major, or for those who hold degrees in other majors yet can exhibit competency in the AADP degree major, by submission of transcripts that reflect a minimum of 30 earned credit hours of prior studies in courses related to the sought after AADP major, or, agree to complete (5) five core courses and (2) two major courses.

AADP applicants are seeking an advanced graduate level degree by thesis or dissertation submission only. The AADP program can qualify you to obtain a Master of Theology (Th.M.) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in a qualified major through AADP and save time by eliminating the need for redundancies regarding coursework already accomplished in prior education.

AADP is a degree by research program. It is designed to be accomplished in as little as (12) twelve weeks to (1) one year from enrollment, if qualified. Upon completion the student will receive, based on their program, a Master of Theology by thesis-only in the established major, or a Doctorate of Philosophy by dissertation-only in the established major. The AADP student transcripts will reflect a grade based on their submission of their thesis or dissertation only, and if required, the five core courses and two major courses.

The AADP degree program is a well known and accepted method in which many students are obtaining advance graduate level degrees in a variety of different majors in educational institutions around the world. The thesis-only and dissertation-only degree programs are also known by the term ‘degree by research’. There are a number of well known universities in the USA and internationally that offer this type of degree by research-only program.

Advantages of the Accelerated Academic Degree Program (AADP):

  • Convenient and a time-efficient way to obtain your graduate level degree

  • Continue to work full-time – An AADP degree program can be earned on your own time schedule while you continue to work

  • Complete your degree requirements faster than in a traditional degree program

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How to Qualify for the AADP Program

Students interested in applying for the AADP Program should view the requirements at the following link:

The NTS-AADP degree program is ideal for applicants and students that are seeking to attain graduate level academic degrees in a qualified, yet favorably reduced, short period of time.